Kitten Guide

Welcome home your
new kitten

Adding a feline to your family is an exciting time that can also raise a lot of questions. Find the answers to your commonly asked cat questions here.


Life Stage:

Petco Foundation

Adopt your new forever friend

The Petco Foundation brings together animals in need with loving people.

Essentials for your first 72 hours together

Comforts of home

Welcome your new kitten with a warm bed, effective litter system and outlets for their energy.

Tips for litter box training >

Budgeting for a Kitten >

Dish out happiness

Explore a wide variety of cat food designed to give your new kitten the nutrients they need.

How to transition a cat to new food >

Ready, set, go

Help your new kitten adapt to traveling with products that guarantee a stress-free trip for all.

Healthy for life

We're here to help your new best friend live their healthiest, happiest life.

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  • Kitten vaccinations
  • Flea, tick and heartworm prevention
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