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Recalls & Advisories

Recalls & Advisories

At Petco, we work hard to give pet parents peace of mind by offering the very best in high-quality pet products and we expect every supplier we work with to meet our industry-leading standards for product safety, sourcing, manufacturing, testing and marketing to consumers. We're also committed to being a complete partner to pet parents and always sharing what we know about the products we carry. Below is a list of important product recalls and advisories for products carried at Petco.

Product Advisory: Pig Ears & Salmonella

On July 31, the FDA and CDC issued updates to an ongoing investigation into a suspected link between pig ear products and human cases of Salmonella. Both agencies are currently advising against selling, buying or feeding any pig ear products until they know more.

To date, a common supplier of pig ear products tied to the reported infections has not been identified and no Petco products have been recalled or directly linked to any illnesses; however, out of an abundance of caution and based on the FDA and CDC recommendations, we have temporarily removed ALL pig ear products from our store shelves and from sale at We are also asking pet parents who may have any of these products at home to stop feeding them and safely dispose of them immediately.

To dispose of these products safely, place them in a secure container where animals and wildlife cannot access it. Thoroughly wash your hands with warm, soapy water after handling pig ear products, and disinfect any containers, shelves and areas that held the pig ear products.

If you believe you have any pig ear products purchased from Petco, follow instructions for safe disposal, and visit any Petco store for a refund and help in finding an alternative product for your pet.

As always, if you have concerns about the health of anyone in your family, please contact your family physician or veterinarian immediately.

The FDA and CDC advisories are isolated to pig ears only. We will continue to monitor and review the issue closely; working with all of our vendor partners, our own veterinary staff and third-party veterinary nutrition experts to keep our partners and guests informed.

For complete information on the ongoing investigation, visit or